Seo Competition Analysis:

There are so many methods of Search engine optimization. One is competition analysis. Competition analysis help to identify not only your website structure , this is also help to follow your competitors best activities. Those method is very helpful because you will analyze that what is the best traffic keyword on your category, see proper content strategy, relevant Backlinks creation method,  Local SEO and other helpful information.

Types of competition analysis:

There are two type of competition analysis.

1)      Own website analysis.

2)      Competitor website analysis.

Own website analysis:

This is important that first you will see the SEO structure for your website. This is very different to competitor website analysis.

·         Firstly you will add SEO friendly plugin mostly people use “All in one WordPress” tool so I will also recommend you because this is a user friendly plugin and very helpful to learn more about on-site work.

·         Secondly add relevant theme if needed make some necessary editing .

·          Thirdly own website domain title selection is most important. I think if skeleton of the website is bad so there is no meaning of the body without skeleton. Title is minimum 98% relevant to the keywords and content pages. Relevancy of title and keywords is good for website health.

·         Lastly, Target your website on geographical location. For example your website is travel market and your geographical location is Canada so you will must target your website on geographical location. Add google map, Add targeted keywords to optimize your local SEO and other necessary local SEO changes.

Competition Analysis:

Google launch penguin update and penalize those websites who can use bad SEO techniques.  Without any analysis so you will not make a proper SEO strategy. if you need perfect search engine friendly website so competition analysis is a very helpful to make a proper website.

Complete competition analysis is provide you complete details for your competitors activities. Follow the best activities of your competitors and make your own website reputation strong. There are some method of website competition analysis.

1)      On-site analysis:

Firstly search 1 most important keyword of your website category. See the results top 10 competitors websites and follow the best on-page SEO activities. Follow the activities for competitors meta keywords and text discription, Image tag and text discriptions,  title and header, ALT tag, theme settings and follow helpful activities of competitor on-page those changes help to increase visibility for your website on search results.

2)      Keyword research and analysis:

Good Keyword selection is very dificult process. Keyword is a basic source of relevant traffic. If you add correct keyword so you will gain a lot of visitors. Follow competitors websites keyword strategy this will help you to find out best keyword to increase more traffic and easy to gain search position.

3)      Content Strategy:

Content is like a heart of website. Search engines allow only relevant to the topic keyword and original written content. If you have no idea of how to add content so follow content strategy of competitors but write own words minimum 500 words, good quality post is increase traffic.

4)      Off-site SEO Backlink strategy:

Linkbuilding is increase more traffic. Google allow only natural pattern and high quality link building. If you will create spam links, Illegal websites backlinks, gambling websites backlinks  and other bad categories of the websites backlinks so this is possible that your website is penalize by google and other search engines. This is very important that you can use only Higer value backlinks from quality and mostly relevant to the topic. One of the good way is follow competitors website backlinks strategy this will help you find out more relevant and good quality websites.

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